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Tue, Sep. 28th, 2010, 07:31 pm
angely78: Because I'm curious as to how many of you are still here.....

I'm posting the link to the awesome Pittsburgh Phan Weekend review I wrote. Believe me, it was a treat. More than a treat. The best weekend I've had in...... forever. If this ever happens again, and it will because that was just too much not to repeat, I urge everyone to make an effort to attend. Because oh my, The Crazy.....

What happens when at lot of Phantom Phans get together? Insanity, that's what.

Thu, Jun. 10th, 2010, 10:44 pm
angely78: (no subject)

Good evening fellow worshipers,
I'm posting this on behalf of a dear friend and relatively new LJ-er rebeccatimmons. She and her husband have been running around like chickens with their--actually, no, more like very efficient chickens still in possession of their heads, trying to put this event together. I know some of you, and I know some of you know more of you, and so I'm passing the word around about this awesome....

(take it away, rebeccatimmons

I’m sure some of you are probably already aware that Jeff and I have started to pretty seriously consider organizing a phan gathering to celebrate the US Tour in Pittsburgh this fall. I’d like to clarify that the intent of the gathering is not to detract from any events in Las Vegas (though I will admit the idea did sprout from our conversation around being frustrated that dates haven’t been confirmed yet). Goodness knows there's enough conflict in the Phandom these days without creating any East Coast/West Coast tension! No, it's all love, fear not! The intent of the event would be to provide an option to those phans who want to gather and celebrate the US tour before they close this fall and/or are Midwest/East Coast based and can’t travel out to Las Vegas or LA.

For those who may not know, Jeff and I both have previous experience in event coordination. Jeff arranged Phan gatherings for the Toronto Phantom production, and I am a project/event coordinator in ‘real’ (aka – ‘non-phan’) life.

Jeff and I have started making calls around the Pittsburgh area to the theatre, hotels, convention centers, etc. to get an idea of availability and pricing. We’re also aiming to get in touch with the US tour to see about organizing some events in which the cast and crew might be willing to participate (i.e. Q&A, backstage tour, etc.- we’ll see what happens!).

The tour will be in the Pittsburgh area (their last stop before L.A., where they will close) late August through September, and we were aiming for a long weekend in September (as we kinda already had that time ear marked anyway…). As that really isn’t much time, we’re really hoping to gauge the level of interest amongst phans so we can have an idea of the approximate size of the group. Also, we really don’t want to book group tickets and end up with a massive bill and a private cheering section!

We’ve set up a group on Facebook, as we thought it might be the easiest way to discuss plans and ideas. Please feel free to join!:


There you have it. If you're in the area or within a reasonable distance to the area, we would love to see you there. :)


Mon, May. 31st, 2010, 09:40 am
madrigalist: Drabble Contest to win POTO gift basket

Greetings all! I will be  traveling forcing me to extend the contest deadline for the Gaston Leroux Drabble Contest . The new deadline is midnight June 27th.   First place prize is a Phantom of the Opera gift basket. For details and rules: http://www.jenniferlinforth.com/contest.htm


Sat, Mar. 27th, 2010, 11:45 am
angely78: Doing a favor for a phriend (yes, I spelled it with a ph. What?)

Hey, does any of you phans remember the phiction anthology Rhapsody on Leroux? I was referencing a story by Charnas in it and somebody got excited, but of course she can't find it ANYWHERE, seeing as it was in print back in, oh, what, '98? So basically I'm over here to tap some comms and see if anyone is willing to part with their copy. I'm not, but that's because mine is actually an incomplete "accidental" printing, with pages missing. And who wants to read a story with pages missing. :-P

(cross posted to everywhere I can think of)

Mon, Mar. 15th, 2010, 09:36 am
madrigalist: Why Did Webber Change the Characters...

...in Love Never Dies?   I was asked to do a blog, which it turning into a blog series on why Webber has changed the characters so drastically. It's up on the blogger if anyone is interested. http://jenniferlinforth.blogspot.com 

Wed, Feb. 10th, 2010, 11:38 pm
angely78: Alright, Board members! Sing out!

I know a lot of members on here have been around in the phandom for quite a while. I myself am hitting my 13th (omg really? Really. Wow. Longer than I thought!) Anniversary of being a Phantom Phan, and I know others who have been here twenty years and more. Back in the dark ages called 1997, this poor, isolated, lonely little baby Phan was lucky enough to stumble across a message board run by our own cdaae on the old domain of she-net. It was a wonderful place full of wonderful, beautiful, crazy, intelligent people who welcomed me into the fold, told me about Church of Erik, introduced me to Susan Kay and Charles Dance and Peter Karrie and... better yet, to themselves. In short, good times.

Anyway, in an odd little bit of synchronicity considering it's corresponding with the anniversary of Leroux, a community has been made on Facebook for those of us who were on and remember the old Board. If you are one of these phans, I invite you to join up at Old Skool Phans Cold shower room is open for business, but you have to bring your own drool bucket and possibly your own potato too, since no one ever figured out if Ubaldo found his. Or if Sam I Am every made it out of the Lair alive. Or if Disaster and Pandora ever overcame their unfortunate addiction to Raoul ( though that's ok, the Phans' Ten Commandant says that the insane must be treated with kindness)...

In other words, if those last few sentences rang any bells with you at all, come on over. It's like a family reunion, minus cousin Herman insistencing that he tell you the Great Fishing Story for the thousandth time. :-D

(Disclaimer: if this is not allowed, I'm cool with it. There will be cross-posting and phanwank  and notmyphantom as well.

Sat, Feb. 6th, 2010, 10:23 pm
madrigalist: ABENDLIED interview and your chance to win

Unusual Historicals has interviewed me in regards to ABENDLIED. Stop by unusualhistoricals.blogspot.com Sunday Feb 7th and leave a comment for your chance to win a signed copy.


Mon, Dec. 28th, 2009, 09:57 am
madrigalist: ABENDLIED and Philippe de Chagny....

ABENDLIED, book two in The Madrigals is available for pre-sale! My publicist is going to be hard at work this week. Madrigal's rights for e-book have been released as well. While readers can enjoy Abendlied without reading Madrigal first, it can enhance the experience!

A blog on Philippe de Chagny is up on Tip of the Quill http://jenniferlinforth.blogspot.com ... read about his role in this book! Excerpts and reviews are available on my website http://www.jenniferlinforth.com



Wed, Oct. 28th, 2009, 11:43 pm
cdaae: Love Never Dies, but if only the whole sequel idea had

Let us, in the name of all things Phantom, put recent unpleasantness aside and find a topic of pleasant agreement.

I think we can all agree on that.

The RUG have released a video of "phans" who love the sequel (or what they heard of it at the launch). I doubt our comments will be approved there, but go vote on it, and comment if you can be bothered.

As a couple of my pages on the sequel rank quite high in Google, I'd like to use them to make sure the voice of the other fans and Phantom devotees get some publicity too; so, leave your comments about the sequel, and anything you'd like to say to that particular video, here, and I'll link to this thread.

Thu, Oct. 22nd, 2009, 12:32 am
fantome100: 100 years of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!

Fans of all incarnations of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA might be interested to know that we are now entering the story's 100th anniversary year! The original novel by Gaston Leroux was first serialised in a French newspaper between September 1909 and January 1910, prior to publication in book format by Pierre Lafitte in February 1910.

To celebrate this milestone achievement, a brand new Phantom Twitter stream was launched during Vegas Fans Week to spread the word of the centenary and the latest news and developments concerning the Opera Ghost. Eventually it is hoped the stream will be used to release exciting new ongoing research currently being undertaken into the novel and all its subsequent adaptations in areas never previously explored. It'll also be a sort of starting point perhaps to test the viability of bringing fans across the world together in 2010. 

The more fans who join the stream, the better, so we can spread word of the centenary to the wider world and draw attention to all things Phantom!  The Leroux estate is also aware of the feed, so it would be good to show Leroux's descendants just how beloved this story remains across the globe!

Please follow by following @fantomedelopera on Twitter ( http://twitter.com/fantomedelopera ), or, alternatively, going to http://phantomslair.com for further details.

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